Ryan Conklin Sports A Hot Mustache

Ryan ConklinIn a video clip from Iraq, Ryan Conklin decided to sport a new sexy mustache as he talked about his upcoming special Return To Duty on MTV. It was only a slight bit of fur on his upper lip, but it looked very manly in conjunction with his Army uniform and stylish sunglasses. It probably wouldn’t look as good if Ryan were decked out in civilian garb, but in the ACU, it was definitely hot. Ryan referred to it as being “a disgusting mustache” but it actually made his fine features even more handsome, if that were possible.

It’s unusual for Ryan to have a real mustache on his lip. His favored way to carpet his face is to tape on a fake mustache.

He has been known to wear two different styles of an ersatz mystacal* accessory. One is large and long and curled up on the end. The other is more like a Charlie Chaplin version.

It is not known specifically why Ryan enjoys the usage of a fake mustache, but it certainly has become one of his best known traits.

Ryan is known to have grown a real beard during the time between the end of The Real World Brooklyn and his re-entry into active duty in the Army, but unfortunately, the result was not aesthetically pleasing and happily he had to remove it.

The good looking mustache from the current video clip, alas, is also destined to be washed from his blade and down the drain. He said at the end of the clip that he was proceeding at that moment to strip it off. The gentle bristles would not literally be tickling anyone’s fancy for the time being.

*Of or pertaining to the upper lip, or mustache.

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