Ryan Conklin One Ups Me

Ryan ConklinYesterday, I was pondering comments that Ryan Conklin had made during and about his experience on The Real World Brooklyn, that his roommates hadn’t shown much interest in knowing about his time in the Army. I thought to myself, boy if I had been there I would be asking him about that and other things all the time. I’m interested in knowing what Ryan’s life was like in Iraq, what he did there, what he thought about, everything. I got frustrated knowing I would never have the opportunity that his roommates had.

The only information available to fans about who Ryan is as a person comes from what was seen on the show and what he has stated in interviews. Well, there’s a lot more than that that I am curious about. What’s his positions on various issues – things like that. The kind of things you could find out if you went on week retreat with someone.

So, knowing that ain’t going to happen, I decided to make light of not knowing even silly little things about him. On Twitter I said “There’s so much we don’t know about @RyanAConklin. What’s his favorite color? Food? Sport? Book? Broadway musical? Co-host on The View? IDK”

I figured he might have a favorite in the first four categories, and the fifth was at least a possibility, but the thought of him even watching The View made me laugh – just imagining the expressions of disgust he would make.

Then in the morning I saw he had not taken the bait of The View but rather countered with “I’m a man. I love manly things such as football, guns, beer, meat, and LeAnn Rimes.” I pictured him saying it while channeling his inner Adam Carolla, and maybe even beating his chest Tarzan style. I love this guy. He has used the generic “meat” line before (“Ryan Loves Meat“), but LeAnn Rimes is new. I don’t know if he picked her from seeing her on the gossip sites because of her cheating with Eddie Cibrian or from her being in the news because Jason Mraz recently broke her record for longest time for a song in the Billboard Top 100. Either way, funny. Also, you have to be a real Ryan aficionado to remember this one, but in his RW audition tape, Ryan stated a liking not for beer but for appletinis. As he put it, “I love them, they are a very manly drink.”

Ryan Conklin, you are THE man. Don’t ever change.

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