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Ryan ConklinOn August 13th, Ryan Conklin tweeted that he was getting close to having 5000 followers on Twitter, being less than a hundred away. As the day wore on, the number inched closer to the milestone. By the evening, Ryan tweeted that with only 57 more to go, the 5000th would be “the lucky winner”. This of course started a contest among the several levels of fans, from the occasionals to the die-hards.

I knew it was just silliness, but it seemed like something where the odds weren’t too bad, such that I could possibly “win”. Also, being hopefully in at least the top ten of Ryan fans (not counting his family and friends) I sort of felt like I was expected to participate to prove my bona fides.

I was too tired to keep watching the numbers all the way to the end, so I went to sleep and sent my alarm for 1:30am, figuring the rate of addition would make the total pretty close by that time. I woke up at that time and saw it was about 15 away. Slowly it crept higher until it was only a few away. Then the number started going both down and up, as people tried to game the system by unfollowing in anticipation of re-following at the last second. I won’t reveal my own strategy, but all that needs to be said is that I was unsuccessful. Someone who did not appear to be one of the long-term super-fans hit the mark a little before 2am.

I guess it would have been cool to have won, but I really didn’t care. The “prize” I am most looking forward to, the one that keeps me going sometimes, is the interview that Ryan told me via email he would do for me at some point. It’s been a little while, but I trust his word. I had sent questions before, but I think I would want to update them to take into account newer information.

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