Brett Novek Bares Teeth For Colgate Wisp

Brett Novek appeared in a television commercial with Tiffany Diaz to advertise the Colgate Wisp teeth cleaning tool. In the ad, Tiffany gets in the back seat of a taxi. At first she practices making suggestive facial expressions and then she takes a Colgate Wisp out of her purse and practices holding it suggestively. The voice-over states euphemistically that “Your next ‘kiss’ may be closer than you think.” It goes on to explain the purpose of the product, to clean your teeth without water. Tiffany is not shown using it on her teeth. Perhaps she used it to clean the foul smelling seat of the taxi.

Brett enters the car, joining Tiffany in the back seat. They bare their supernaturally white teeth at each other, laugh at someone they see outside, and then get down to lip-locking. End of commercial.

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