Ryan Conklin Returning To Iraq

Ryan ConklinThe Real World Brooklyn‘s Ryan Conklin is going back to Iraq. There had been a number of clues about this, like the comments on MySpace and then the statement by the friend who works at The Pike restaurant in Gettysburg.

At first I was deeply distressed. It’s such a horrible and cruel twist of fate. To pluck Ryan out of the literal real world just when he was on the verge of capitalizing on his television notoriety and being able to productively pursue any of the several career paths he is capable of; it’s just unbelievable.

I admit I have been sucked into the fandom of Ryan Conklin, and in the process have foregone any consideration of him as a “character” and see him as the real and vulnerable flesh-and-blood person that I and others have grown to care about. Though he be a stranger, the one-way glass of the television screen has given me some sort of affection for the man and when he faces an uncertain and grievous circumstance, it hurts.

But now I have faith. I am confident in James 5:16: “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” I believe Ryan Conklin will return to us and we will enjoy his wit and talent far into the future.

As a mobilized IRR soldier, Ryan would first receive refresher training in the United States. Then he will be redeployed to Iraq, leaving on April 15th. That’s just two weeks after his 24th birthday on April 1st.

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