Ryan Conklin of Real World Brooklyn

I finally have a reason to watch The Real World again. Ryan of Real World Brooklyn (at right) has made the show something to look forward to each week. He’s an interesting character that has more than a few facets to him. He’s a small town military boy that has a creative side that is wanting to be heard. Besides a momentary stint at learning how to pole dance, Real World Ryan spends time analyzing his roommates and singing songs that he has written.

He would probably be better off not being his own lyricist, but his melodies and singing are heartfelt.

Ryan is complex enough to need a number of episodes to be aired before he can be figured out. It’s refreshing to find a person on reality television that takes awhile to understand. Too many people on reality TV are like cardboard cutouts. On some shows that doesn’t matter and I don’t mind watching some fluff, but with a personality driven show like The Real World, I expect to see some personality. Ryan Conklin has brought it.

Did I mention that he’s hot also? (again, see photo)

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